Free Fragrance Sampler Set (with pre-paid gift option)

Free Fragrance Sampler Set (with pre-paid gift option)


PRODUCT UPDATE: The option to choose just the free sample set only had been suspended during the busy period running up to Christmas. You can still order the sample set but only when pre-paying for a full-size product to redeem later too.



Want to try all our signature fragrances before you buy or crippled by indecision? OR, want to give the gift of fragrance and allow your recipient to choose their favourite scent first? The DOG-ABOUT-TOWN Fragrance Sampler Set is the answer! It includes a sample sized spray bottle of each of our five signature fragrances - it is completely free of charge, you just pay for the £3 postage and packaging. It also includes a unique discount code that you can use on your next purchase, or you can pre-pay for a full sized product and give the whole set as a gift! You will also get a detailed description of all of the scents, along with a fragrance profile for each one. You can use the perfume tester paddles provided or simply spray in to the air. Just add the Sampler Set to your basket, free of charge, and a £3* postage and packaging fee will be payable on checkout. This free Fragrance Sample Set includes: - Five 3ml sample spray bottles, one for each of our main signature fragrances- Five fragrance tester strips/paddles- Printed description of each fragrance- Printed fragrance profile to help you discover the complex top, heart and base notes in each profile- Unique discount code giving you 10% off a future purchase OR a unique code allowing the recipient to claim the product type you have pre-paid for**- Option to include a personalised message when giving as a gift **pre-pay for a full sized product and we will include a unique discount code that allows the recipient to claim the product at a later date. They won't have to pay for any future delivery costs but must use the code within 12 months. Choose which odour netralising product you want to pre-pay for using the drop down list. PERSONALISE!If sending the sampler set as a gift then you can use the space provided to leave a personalised message that will be included in the set, free of charge! Feel free to leave the recipient's address when checking out to have it sent directly to their door. *No other discount codes or offers can be applied to this product. For programming reasons the price shown as 1p but the postage is reduced to £2.99 for this product to create a total cost of £3.

Choose to receive just the sampler set, free of charge, or pre-pay for a full sized product and claim it when you have tried the fragrances. Use the drop down menu to make your selection.

The set is listed at a price of 1 pence and delivery will be calculated at £2.99 - £3 total cost to cover postage and packaging. 

Most luxury home fragrances only use synthetic fragrance oils to create their aromas. Those that claim to be odour neutralising either just mask smells or claim to use specialist chemicals or enzymes to eliminate odour molecules.


Dog-about-town doesn't believe in using unnecessary chemicals around our beloved pooches and harsh enzymatic cleaners can only ever be effective through direct surface contact (i.e. using cleaning products and elbow grease - not simply lighting a candle).


Our range luxury of odour neutralising candles have been designed with you and your family in mind. We use 100% sustainable and natural vegetable wax, high quality phthalate-free perfumes and a carefully curated mix of pure essential oils that are proven to have anti-microbial, anti-fungal and cleansing properties to naturally neutralise pet and other household odours in the air.