For the best value and biggest selection of wax melt bars, go for our 'ALL 9' bundle which includes one bar ALL of our current fragrances. At this price, it's like having a free bar! (doesn't include any expired limited edition fragrances)


When DOG-ABOUT-TOWN launched we started with our 5 original fragrances, each with a distinctly individual fragrance profile. We've continued to innovate and launch new limited edition fragrances to match the seasons. From walks along the beach to wine tasting in Itay, snuggling up by the fire to festivals in the Himalayas, every memory and mood is covered. By carefully mixing, amplifying and harnessing essential oils, these fragrances not only boost your mood but neutralise unwanted odours too. 


Includes one bar each of: Roses at the Grand Hotel, At the River, Day of the Dogs, Walking in Vineyards, By the Fireside, Jardin de Poires and the limited edition Dogs of Summer, Citro di Amalfi & Hazy Days in Provence.


Our wax melt bundle box offers fabulous value for money and is also a great way to sample our signature fragrances without committing to a larger candle, room spray or reed diffuser.


*No other discount codes or offers can be applied to this product.


All fragrances are also available separately in our powerful reed diffusers collection, candle range and room mist.


Our luxury wax melt snap bars are made from 100% sustainable vegetable wax with the finest perfumes and essential oils to help cover and neutralise odours in the home. Only natural ground stone pigments and plant based 100% biodegradable glitter are used for decoration. Plus a complimentary signature DOG-ABOUT-TOWN gift box is included with every bundle!


Most wax melts only use synthetic fragrance oils to create their aromas. Those that claim to be odour neutralising either just mask smells or claim to use specialist chemicals or enzymes to eliminate odour molecules.


Dog-about-town doesn't believe in using unnecessary chemicals around our beloved pooches and harsh enzymatic cleaners can only ever be effective through direct surface contact (i.e. using cleaning products and elbow grease - not simply lighting a candle).


Our range luxury of odour neutralising fragrances have been designed with you and your family in mind. We use 100% sustainable and natural vegetable wax, high quality phthalate-free perfumes and a carefully curated mix of pure essential oils that are proven to have anti-microbial, anti-fungal and cleansing properties to naturally neutralise pet and other household odours in the air.