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Tired of the usual odour eliminators?                                  

                              Us too.

Image by sarandy westfall

At DOG-ABOUT-TOWN we believe that odour neutralisation doesn't have to be boring...

Next time you're shopping take a look at the home fragrance and air freshener aisles. Most odour neutralisers have a certain look about them - you know, that look. 

We love our pets but you want to have an effective room scent that helps cover and neutralise those musty pet smells. The problem is you don't want an ugly candle or diffuser on display in your chic surroundings that may as well have a neon sign on it that says my house smells! 

From heritage farmhouse to city chic, our products look and smell great in any interior design. Each transformative scent is inspired by an exclusive destination loved by dogs-about-town the world over.


So light a candle, relax and let our signature fragrances transform and cleanse your home.

Meet Betty and Ivy, DOG-ABOUT-TOWN Founders... kind of

''A few years ago, me and the hubby bought our first home. It was a pretty typical suburban house but it hadn’t been touched since the 1970’s – we’re talking damp and mouldy wallpapers, crumbling ceilings, plastic-looking kitchen and a general artex overload. Ten months of hard graft later and we had transformed it into a magazine-worthy boutique home which we loved. Soon after came the pitter patter of tiny paws as Betty the Frenchie entered our life and completely took it over.


While we love every wrinkle and hair on our furbaby’s head, there’s no denying that when it comes to having a dog, certain smells come with territory.  Paranoid about dog odours, we bought and tested every candle and room spray on the market but found that not only did they look (and often smelled) terrible, they also used unhealthy paraffin wax, harsh chemicals and enzymes that we just didn’t want around our precious pooch. Fast-forward a few years and three house renovations later, along came Betty's little sibling, Ivy, and so we found ourselves researching natural methods of odour elimination. We started by infusing bowls of vinegar with fruit peel and ground spices – pretty effective, but it looked unattractive and had a tendency of drying out too quickly and smelling a bit like a chippy.


Eventually we took the plunge and started developing our first odour neutralising natural wax candle. It might sound easy but making a safe and effective scented candle is no walk in the park. After testing over 40 types of wax, 60 different wicks, hundreds of pouring temperatures and countless fragrance and essential oils we have created a product we’re really proud of.

We use 100% natural soy wax, cotton and linen blend wicks, premium fragrances and pure natural essential oils, all contained in aromatherapy grade amber glass jars to protect the natural botanicals from sunlight. The result is a clean burning and sustainable candle with the dual action of manmade perfumes and natural essential oils to both mask smells and safely neutralise odour molecules in the air.''  


                                                                                                                Tom Leonard-White, DOG-ABOUT-TOWN Founder



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