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As the first signs of Autumn appear in Boston as the leaves turn a shades of red and brown, the apple harvest begins.


Famous as the first American harbour to import apples, during The Fall this port city is filled with the spiced sweetness of mulled cider and apple bobbing. Hop on the Halloween ferry and visit neighbouring Salem - with its rich history of witchcraft, every superstitious apple picker keeps a dog by their side to warn off the spirits in the night. 



Natural essential oils and botanicals have been carefully selected and used for their powerful anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties to cleanse the air of any dog (or other) odours in the home. Contains alcohol, plant based diffusion oil and powered by natural extracts and perfumes.

Top notes of McIntosh apples, heart notes of cinnamon & nutmeg and base notes of tonka bean & vanilla.


All our reed diffusers use a mix of perfumier grade alcohol and a sustainable and naturally derived eco-solvent, making them more environmentally friendly and safer for you and your family. 


Our range luxury of odour neutralising fragrances have been designed with you and your family in mind. We use the highest quality perfumes and a carefully curated mix of pure essential oils that are proven to have anti-microbial, anti-fungal and cleansing properties to naturally neutralise pet and other household odours in the air.

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