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As the cold night air descends and snow laden branches glisten in the moonlight, let this fragrance bring the outside in.


Inspired by the forests of Lapland which are home to many mountain communities and their beloved teams of sled dogs, Frosted Ground is a cool and crisp fragrance that brings the scent of freshly cut Christmas trees in to your home. Balanced with zingy citrus and the invigorating notes of winter mints, let the scent of fir needle transport you to the seat of a dog pulled sleigh ride as snow covers the ground and the crisp wind rushes by.


With just a few quick sprays any odours disappear in to the mist.

Top notes of bergamot & peppermint, heart notes of fir tree needles  and base notes of forest floor & crisp air.


Our range luxury of odour neutralising fragrances have been designed with you and your family in mind. We use the highest quality perfumes and a carefully curated mix of pure essential oils that are proven to have anti-microbial, anti-fungal and cleansing properties to naturally neutralise pet and other household odours in the air.

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