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We're helping to raise funds to fight coronavirus!

Take Part in a Virtual Dog Show to Raise Funds For Those Affected Most By Coronavirus

We’re partnering with Dog Furiendly and other dog-related businesses, to support Bark Aid, a virtual dog show that will raise funds for charities that desperately need support to cope with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We all know that COVID-19 is having detrimental effects on our society in the UK and the rest of the world. Bark Aid aims to lift community spirits and help ease the pressure of the community by supporting charities that need funds the most.

But wait, what is a virtual dog show I hear you woof? It’s very similar to the fun dog shows that are popular across the UK. Instead of being at an event and meeting judges face-to-face you can upload photos in a series of fun categories from the comfort of your home with the chance to win rosettes and prizes.

There’s over 20 tail-wagging categories in total including ‘Fabulous Fella’ (best male dog), ‘Gorgeous Girl’ (best female dog), Golden Oldie (dog’s over the age of 8) and more.

Each category will raise funds for a charity in need such as Fare Share who redistribute food to frontline charities and AgeUK, the leading charity for older people.

Bark Aid will also raise funds and awareness for animal rescue charities who are at capacity and feeling increasing pressure as the virus spreads.

We’re so excited to be involved with Bark Aid that we’re sponsoring the Beach Babe and Magic Mountaineer categories in direct support of the 'Serve On' K9 rescue team - you’ll have the chance to win our signature home fragrances and dog shampoos! So snap a pic of your dog-about-town sun bathing on the beach (or 'At The River') or hiking a mountain (or 'Walking Through Vineyards') to be in with a chance to win!

Serve On K9 rescue team is developing a national network of formally trained volunteer Community Resilience Teams to support the Emergency Services and Local Authorities in their response to emergencies and major incidents.

These Community Resilience Teams engage, recruit and empower people from all walks of life, young people, long term-unemployed, ex-military and emergency services personnel but above all members of the public who want to help other people. By doing this they aim to transform the lives and skills of the people involved, but also the communities around them.

Proceeds from entries in the Magic Mountaineer category will go directly to Serve On. Make sure you follow our facebook page to see which charity we're supporting via the Beach Babe category soon!

Entries for the ‘Bark Aid’ cost £1.50 per category and are open from now until the 12th April. Enter here:

There isn’t any evidence to suggest that dogs can get COVID-19 or pass it on, so we want to highlight the continued health benefits dogs can bring to us all during a time like this.

Lets come together to create something special in aid of our community. Can’t wait to see all your show-stopping pooches!

To enter the Bark Aid virtual dog show and for more information visit

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